Rachel Marie’s First Day!

21 Nov

rachel marie's first day!

Hello, everyone! I’m Rachel Marie, the newest shop girl here at MagBig.

Actually, I worked here briefly as a sewing production intern over the summer. I’m really happy to be back on the scene! And what a great time to jump in, too. It’s the holiday season!

We have been getting new stock in like crazy. Today, Cassie and I added a new display of “Animal Battle” paintings by Maryanna Hoggatt.

maryanna hoggatt

ANIMAL BATTLE is an on ongoing series of paintings that feature noble animals in a passionate fight for love, dreams, and ideas against our biggest enemies: fear and doubt. This richly symbolic world is brimming with charming costumed beasts, flowing banners, and a whole lot of heart. [Source]

studio acorn

We also got 10 of these adorable necklaces by Studio Acorn. Each one is a little food item with a smiling face. These french fries are Cassie’s favorite.

bevo birdie purse

I definitely have to share the Pendleton wool and leather wallets and purses that just came in. Cassie spotted these Bevo Birdie Originals at the Siren Nation Arts & Craft sale and decided she had to have them in her shop. They’re gonna do great!

make it good mountain sweatshirt

And if you’re wondering about the awesome sweatshirt I’m wearing in my photo, it’s the latest from our friends at Make It Good:  Mountain Men’s Sweatshirt (size XS).

So, come into the shop for some holiday shopping, or to say hello! I’m happy to be here supporting local production and sharing awesome makes with you all.

~ Rachel Marie

One Response to “Rachel Marie’s First Day!”

  1. joshmxa November 27, 2013 at 12:37 am #

    loving the Animal Battles stuff

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